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For a very long time I was looking forward to finding the best ways of making money online for free. A lot of time has passed since my first fail and my first success, but now I do know which work from home techniques work and additionally I know how to make money for free with no investment. In order to start making money from home you need some free time and a subscription to this blog, because here I will be sharing links to the best make money online and work from home sites and will give my tips about using them properly.

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Can One Make Money Online For Free With Paid Forum Posting?

Paid Posting is one of the easiest ways to make money. I want to share the information with you so you’ll be able to understand how it works.

I started forum posting in 2007, on that time five dollars, would require 20 posts. My forum had several members and we were trying to gain activity and good traffic.

My paid forum posting experience is very rich and eventful, I worked for such companies as:

  • forumbooster.net
  • postingdirect.com
  • paidpostingtools.com
  • flamewired.com
  • forumelves.com

Most of these sites are no longer functioning, which made it harder to make money online for free by posting on forums. Paid Posting Tools service has been closed or taken over by some other site, I can't recall which one. Anyways, making money online by posting on forums is still a working technique, let me give you some tips.

Tips for a paid poster:
1. Register on several forums of your choice - Complete all required steps.
2. Keep up with the activity and join the discussion. Many of their usernames will soon become familiar to you and you will communicate with other paid posters on all forums, this will make you feel more secure.
3. Begin Posting – Some posters often make discussion to attempt more users, before making your post in such situation you should be well informed with the topic. There is only one warning with this job. You cannot back link while you are posting, you can loose your job as a paid poster by doing this.

You cannot make a capital by making posts, but still it is a nice way to spend your free time with use. You can start with several posts per day, and then you will get good experience. When you will be totally in it you will get an opportunity to earn approximately $1.25 per hour and more. This experience is a great bonus for you, especially if you will start working as a freelance writer at Odesk.com.