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For a very long time I was looking forward to finding the best ways of making money online for free. A lot of time has passed since my first fail and my first success, but now I do know which work from home techniques work and additionally I know how to make money for free with no investment. In order to start making money from home you need some free time and a subscription to this blog, because here I will be sharing links to the best make money online and work from home sites and will give my tips about using them properly.

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Benefits of writing articles for Helium.com

I have been using various free ways of making money on the Internet, but I think that writing content for money is one of the most profitable ones.

It does require some skill and practice, but once you unlock the passion for writing in your soul, you will never stop writing articles on the web, especially, when you can get money for doing so.

So, how to earn money from home by writing articles and reviews? Everything is pretty simple and straight forward if you use Helium.com for this mission.

Helium is no other survey or incentive website, where you have to fill out endless registration forms, it is a content publishing website, where people could receive good money for sharing information about things they like in form of publishing articles.

Lets speak briefly about earning money by writing at Helium. Unlike other websites of this type, Helium.com does not offer money for every article your publish, but there is a performance incentive, which will give you money for the views of your articles.

All your submissions will be open for search engines and visitors of Helium and for every 1000 views you will be getting money (usually the sum for every thousand page views varies from 1 to 2 dollars).

But earning opportunities don’t end here, Helium has also some additional ways of providing you with genuine work from home opportunities. One of them consists in the partnership of Helium with popular magazines and websites. These companies are buying the best publications from Helium.com. So guess what, if your article gets noticed by some fancy company, they will pay you good money for it, so writers received up to $150 for their publications.

Finally, Helium owners hold contests for the writers, the best pens of the month receive cash prizes (up to $150 for 1st place winners) and give various awards to successful article writers.

I almost forgot about the referral program, which could make a great contribution to your Helium earnings. Good tool you, provided you have friends interested in generating cash from home.

Making money by writing at Helium is for real, money are deposited to your PayPal account, so you can quickly and easily withdraw your earnings. Hope you like this review and thanks for reading, I wish you good luck in making money by writing articles.